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Coin Specifications

*Total supply: 3652566
*Algorithm: x11 (100% PoS)
*Block reward: 1 EXCL
*MasterNode: 10 000 EXCL to start, 10% stake reward
*40 confirms to maturity
*24 hour stake min age


*MasterNodes creation/usability built into Wallet
*Darksend (anonimizing coins)
*InstantX send
*Block Explorer lookup
*Bittrex Trading with API straight from wallet

What Makes Exclusive Coin Different?

  • 100% Bounties Paid In BTC – There will be no dumpers from bounties done, because they will have no EXCL to dump,
  • Weekly Sales Of Commodities – With EXCL you will be able to buy a limited number of items cheaper than if you did that with BTC, this way it will not matter if price of coins is 1 satoshi or 0.1BTC because the items will keep value externally.
  • Old Member As Dev – No more new accounts or people without history promising you non-existant things.
  • External Block Explorers – No more devs manipulating explorers, everything stays in hands of 3rd party hosters.
  • Big Number Of Nodes – Every pool which will want to be added to OP will have to act as node to help protecting the network and syncing faster.
  • x11 Algo – Makes coin ASIC resistant.
  • Little PoS – Just to make network safer but not to make whales stack too much.

The main innovation in this coin is not algo but the items sold. There will be a limited number [probably 1-5 per sale] of things that will be cheaper than if you bought them with USD/BTC elsewhere.
Of course we will start with miners/cpu equipment but in the end i can imagine we will be able to sell everything. For starters, things to be sold will be coming from collection of mine and my friends [if you read you know i have a few things] but in the future others will also be able to sell through the market.
All 3rd parties selling products will have to use escrow of me or selected person by me. This way there will be no chance of getting scammed in EXCL ecosystem.
Due to limited numbers of products to keep sales fair, all deals will be first sent to users on the mailing list and then announced to forums/social channels.
When our own stash of items ends we will be able to buy some new ones with BTC from ICO and still sell cheaper than market price.
Later on, I imagine some companies will be selling products through EXCL just to get free advertising.


Here are few items that are waiting to be sold right now: Gridseed Dual Miner, Gridseed G-Blade, Gawminers Fury, few PSUs, Antminer S1, Antminer S3, Photo Camera, PS3 games.

You can trust Exclusive Coin because of old member as a Dev.
While few people work on this project, I will be the face of it and the main marketing power.
In addition to this forum, you can also find main dev at the following:

The Most Exclusive Outlet

The Official Exclusive Coin Outlet Is Located At:


100% Sales Will Be Limited


Upcoming Sales Of Miners/Accesories From These Companies:

cheapest knc neptune bitcoin miner sale

gridseed scrypt miners discount

chepest hashlets from gawminers

We Have Already Sold:
– GPU Cards
– Gridseed Dual Miners
– Gridseed G-blade Miner
– Hashlets of GAW Miners
– Hard Rock Hotel Holiday For 10 Days
– Internet Domain Names

Everything with the best price on the internet! Use EXCL = Buy Cheaper!