Hard Fork and Rollback

Our chain got attacked and split into at least 5 different ones.

After fixing exploits that were used we decided to roll back into a point before chain split. We are unable to determine which chain should be the main in the case when on some chains a few people were literally alone (probably attackers).

Currently you need to use the code from –¬†https://github.com/exclfork/ExclusiveCoin/releases/tag/v1300

Backup wallet! If you will have issues with balances after upgrade do:

  • dumpwallet ~/wallet.dump
  • stop daemon
  • move wallet.dat
  • start daemon
  • importwallet ~/wallet.dump
  • you are back.

or just -rescan.

All exchanges and trading is working just deposits/withdrawals may be delayed due to xmas/new year.

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