EXCL Swap Portal Live for People Running Own Wallets

If you had coins on any exchange or service your coins are already on EXCL 3.0 and you can use latest wallet for deposits and withdrawals to and from those.

If you had coins on yor own wallets of EXCL 2.0 then you can swap now.

Please read instructions as we will take no responsibility for fails on your side. Service is working AS IS and its up to you to swap EXCL 2.0 to EXCL 3.0

Instructions are on the portal on the left + open links with longer guides.

You need to connect EXCL 2.0 wallet (latest version 1.4) to be able to do the swap.

useful links.

v3 explorer – http://explorer.exclusivecoin.pw/
v3 wallets – https://github.com/exclfork/excl-core/releases

v2 explorer – https://chainz.cryptoid.info/excl-old/ — this explorer has stopped around snapshot height, you can use this to verify your snapshot balances, but not for any current transactions
v2 wallets – https://github.com/exclfork/ExclusiveCoin/releases
v2 snapshot to connect –

a few articles that might assist you for the swap
how to use coincontrol to send for swap
how to Check your ExclusiveCoin snapshot address balance.
My ExclusiveCoin snapshot balance is not correct !!


Big guide about SWAP: https://bumbacoin.blogspot.com/2019/06/exclusive-coin-swap.html


SWAP PORTAL: http://swap.exclusivecoin.pw
SUGGESTED BROWSER: https://brave.com/exc492

For support and questions join our discord.

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